Tuesday, October 9, 2018

“Golden Flights”


                                        The Series That Won Two Blue Ribbons

                            These artworks are dedicated to the hummingbirds of our garden,
                                                my son named "Hummingbird Haven".

                      When I decided to participate in this year's La Jolla Art & Wine Festival, 
                                   I began to brainstorm ideas from my international travels, 
                         local San Diego venues and the endless inspirations I have collected.  
                     This first image spoke to my soul on a summer night, in my own backyard, 
                    that grew into over 60 new artworks celebrating the cherished hummingbird.
                                              (Double click on the images to view larger.)

"Enchanted"  9x12" Oil on Belgium Linen - (Snowy Belly Hummingbird) -Artist's Collection

"On Sapphire Wings"   10x10" Oil over Gold Leaf on Pine  (Sapphire Winged)  $300
"In a Flash"  5x7"  Oils on Metallic Enhanced Canvas   (Anna's)  $250/SOLD

"Opera in Flight"  24x36"  Oils on Metallic Gold Enhanced Canvas  (Swallow-tailed)  $850.
"Golden Embraces":  12x24" Oils on Enhanced Metallic Gold    $500
"Whispering to Wisteria"  8x10"   Oils on Belgium Linen    (Anna's)  $350/ SOLD

"Daised"  12x12" Oil on Canvas -  (Rufous)     $350/SOLD

"Flutter" 6x8"  Oils on Metallic Enhanced Canvas   (SnowyBelly)   Black Frame: $300

'It's the Little Things in Life"   10x10" Oil over Gold Leaf on Canvas - (Snowy Belly)  $250
Inspired by the red poppy fields of Costa Brava.

"Snowy Lilies"   12x12"  Oil on Metallic Enhanced Canvas  (Snowy Belly)  $350

"Pink Ladies"  12x12" Oil on Metallic Enhanced Canvas   (Anna's Hummingbird)   $350

"Spree"   8x8"  Oil over Gold Leaf & Pine  (Anna's)  $200/SOLD

"Trio"  10x10" Oil on Canvas   (Snowy Belly) $300 /SOLD

"Sweet Poppies"  10x10" Oil on Canvas   (Snowy Belly)    $300

"Lavender Glee"  8x8" Oil on Canvas   (Ruby Throated)  
Donated for  The 2018 La Jolla Art & Wine Festival, Silent Auction.

"Windswept"  12x12" Oil on Canvas   (Anna's )       $300

"Ruby Waterfall"  10x10" Oil on Canvas   (Ruby Throated Hummingbird)   $400/SOLD

"Rubies & Poppies"  12x36" Oil on Canvas   (Costa's Hummingbird)   $650

"Sapphires in Flight"  8x24"  Oils on Gold Leaf & Pine  (Sapphire Wings)  $450

"Iris Blooming"  12x24"  Oils & Gold Leaf on Canvas  (Ruby Throated)   $400/SOLD

"Golden Embraces"  10x22"  Oils on Gold Leaf & Pine  (Swallow-tailed)  $450

"Tango Poppies"  12x36"  Oils on Metallic Gold Enhanced Canvas  (Snowy)  $650

"Ruby Baby Blues"  8x16"  Oils over Gold Leaf on Belgium Linen Canvas
(Ruby Throated)     $400/SOLD

"Expecting"  8x8"  Oils on Canvas      (Snowy Belly)  $200/SOLD

"Snowy Morning Glory"  8x8"  Oils over Gold Leaf on Pine     (Snowy)  $200/SOLD  

"Carmen Charmed"  8x8"  Oils over Gold Leaf on Pine  (Broad-billed)   $200/SOLD

"Fairytale Blooms"  10x10"   Oils over Gold Leaf Effects   (Snowy)  $300

"Poppies"   8x16"  Oils over Metallic Enhanced Belgium Linen   (Snowy)  $ 450

"Dancing to the Song"  12x12"   Oils on Enhanced Metallic Background   (Broad-Billed)   $400/SOLD

Wow!  La Jolla Art & Wine Festival 2018: Best of Show & Best of Painting.
So surprised!!!  I took a big chance with a single subject this year and
LOTS of gold leaf backgrounds.

More to come!!

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Invitation to Reception #2 “Painted Embraces"

Greetings Art Friends, 
    Join us for an artistic and musical event! The 2nd of three receptions, you can view over 40 artworks featuring San Diego scenes, seascapes, International Travel and florals with hummingbirds.  
Its a wide range of subjects, representing oils and watercolors in both studio and Plein Air techniques.
   I'll be demonstrating my oil painting technique of hummingbirds (by special request in lieu of LJ seascape) and there will be drawing from the guest book to win that demo art. (plus an easel) 
  The entertaining and multitalented Guitarist James Clarkston will feature art-inspired tunes.  
Wednesday, August 15, 6-9pm  Woods Real Estate Services knows how to celebrate art in a grand way! 
930 W. Washington St. Ste 1  San Diego, CA  92013     
Cherry  (Then I’m off to Corfu, Greece again until the the last reception!)

       An example of the demo art

“Painted Embraces”

    37 Artworks ... 

Monday, July 9, 2018

“Painted Embraces”

My current solo exhibition is up!!!  37 paintings feature oils and watercolors, plein air and in-studio,
local and international themes and my artist's comments on every label.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Traveling as an artist: Spain 2018 Paintbook


It leaves you speechless, 

then turns you into a storyteller."

   From April 30 to May 7th, 2018, I taught how to travel as an artist and create Paintbooks along the Spanish Costa Brava.   'Paintbooks' is a title I have given my style of journaling using watercolors, multimedia, paper scultpture and special effects.                                            Starting and ending in Barcelona, we were hosted by the tour company French Escapade. They took us to inspiring locations, breathtaking seasides, museums, a medieval village and a gorgeous botanical garden. We could focus on our art.                                            

  The pages of this book reflect imagery and experiences that cannot be shot from a camera. 
 It is created from collecting ideas, subjects, cultural sites and even the little-est of details.
I assigned the students to have a pre-workshop plan and designate each page before we arrived.
There are titles and prompts for each two-page spread that allow the artist to be flexible.
Compiled into these 54 pages, it represents unique visuals recorded while traveling.

Travel inspiration can be illusive. Time schedules, weather and overseas logistics can affect plans.
The Paintbook may not be entirely finished while abroad, but the treasured story is saved.
This is what makes it all so creative and a once-in-a-lifetime memoire.

First day demo, Callela de Palafrugell.

Maps: showing flights from San Diego to Spain, Barcelona favorites, and Costa Brava on the north east Spanish coast.

Flip up of Costa Brava map.

My intentions for this trip from the airplane over to Barcelona and Quotes for my students.

Itinerary in paint...

First demo on the cliffs of Calella de Palafrugell...showing layers and levels of paint application.

Dali---- Gaudi---- Picasso, wow!

Demo of backside view of cliffs for the first demo.  Looking through the Jardins de Cap Roig.
 Added layers of watercolor paper for depth and texture.

A warm-up painting in Barcelona.  Capturing a scene like this brings back every memory from that experience that my camera could never achieve.  Somehow, painting in these books brings back all of the senses.  I can feel the breeze, remember exactky where I sat at a cafe with a window to this scene, what I drank (cappuccino of course), the nice couple that I talked to, the birds and the soft glow that just got better by the minute.  It was all about that glow.

I've returned to Placa Reial many times. It has a special relaxed feeling amoung a square filled with tourists, cafes, fine dining and these stoic palm trees.  I selected the prompt for this page of different techniques with the same repeated image.

Perfect example of why I travel.  "Stop the van! We MUST paint this glorious field."

A lesson on architecture from the medieval city of Pals, inbetween raindrops.  :))

Just below our hotel is this stunning home that lured me to paint it a few times during our short visit.
I wish we could have met the infamous Velcro Man!

Flip out to display the sea glass I found.

We used real flowers, painted with watercolors and pressed onto rice paper and into our books.

Airplane painting!

One of my goals is to experience tall monuments during my travels.
The Columbus Monument at the end of Las Ramblas is shown here as it can be extended out of the book.

Pre-workshop assignment to sketch and paint our drawing tools from the materials list.
Another Pre-workshop assignment to sketch and paint our PAINTING tools from the materials list.