Thursday, December 2, 2010

#2, Red Tailed Hawk, Dec 2,2010... 'Hawk Eye'

101 Reasons to Explore the Chula Vista Nature Center

Beginning December 1st, I will be painting 101 wildlife images from The Chula Vista Nature Center. 
In 101 days.
That's one a day from December 1st through March 11, 2011.

Each original oil painting is 8 x 8” with a 1 ½” depth.  It can stand on its own or is ready to hang.   
An Artist’s Statement/ Certificate of Authenticity, Art Title 
and name of wildlife subject are included in each painting. 
Artworks will be displayed in the auditorium in groups of seven,
 as they are created. 

             Artworks are for sale through the Nature Center's bookstore  at $101 each.
25 % will be donated to the CVNC. 

Here's the project notes....

v     Cherry Sweig is a San Diego artist who paints both oils and watercolors featuring local nature-related themes, Greek Equine and Plein Air (painting outside on location) travels abroad. She has volunteered as an Art Curator at the center since 1995 with numerous art exhibitions, workshops and her Gyotaku, Japanese nature printing.
      She explains: ‘This an ideal opportunity to celebrate 101 images of the Nature Center    through my artworks. With this consecutive challenge, it’s an extraordinary chance for visitors to encounter the whole process from blank canvases to a finished wall of art. It will also illustrate how the artworks evolved, brushstroke by brushstroke. This Nature Center is abounding with imagery and inspiration everywhere I look. From the bald eagle to the two-spotted octopus, there are countless 
reasons to explore this impressive living museum.”

 Here we go!!!
Opening the box of 101 blank canvases....getting ready to paint

It's December 1st... day 1 of 101 days of painting 101 artworks about the Chula Vista Nature Center-
and reasons to see this wonderful living museum...
I hope my artworks will enlighten viewers to the 

Here's my signature... always with a red dot....

side view... art is painted around all four edges.

.... #1 is done!!
'Orange Jewel'