Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Visiting Artist Demo

    Here's some photo's from the days I spent in the classroom and on the quad last Fall, demonstrating and working long with the students.  They didn't ask many questions and I was surprised how well they set up their easels and focused on their artworks!  They enjoyed the process and I hope that I have inspired them to continue painting throughout their lives.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Plein Air Painting on the Quad

After two years of planning, it's the last week of painting and framing 
for my twenty artworks to be shown at
'Bishop's Through the Decades'...March 24, 2015 6-8pm

In previous posts of this Blog, I have uploaded all of the twenty artworks in sets of five.
 In the following posts, I will also include their final framing photo, descriptions, 
my artist statement and a technique comment.
Framing is my personal touch on every piece of art as I design them to complement each other.
Artworks 1-10 are framed in traditional 'Plein Air' wooden/gold foil frames.
Artworks 11-20  are either painted around the edges or framed in high quality wooden/gold foil frames.

The process behind each of these paintings was very rewarding and included months of research.
Shelves of yearbooks dating back to 1915, The La Jolla Historical Society and 
days exploring the campus all added up to countless ideas for my art.

I also want to thank The Bishop's School staff, Sarah Garro, Elizabeth Wepsic 
and Brian Williams who supported my quest for imagery, painting locations
and insights into the school's important history since 1909.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

'Bishop's Through the Decades' STUDIO ART: #16-20

#16: "Athletes Through Time", 18x24" Oil on Canvas, painted around the edge.

#17: "T-Day's Lost Treasures", 20x16" Oil on Canvas, painted around the edge.

#18: "May Day 1925", 24x18" Oil on Canvas, painted around the edge.

#19: "Caps In Flight", 18x24" Oil on Canvas, painted around the edge.

#20: "La Jolla Cove Charm", 12x24" Oil on Canvas, Custom Wood Frame.

'Bishop's Through the Decades" STUDIO ARTWORKS: #11- 15

#11:  "Bishop Johnson's Tower"  18x18"  Oil on Linen Canvas, painted around the edge.

#12: "St Mary's Evensong"  24x18" Oil on Linen Canvas, Custom Wood Framed
#13:  "Black & White" 16x20" Oil on Canvas, painted around edge.

#14: "Greeting the Future" 26x20" Oil on Canvas, Custom Wood Frame

WIN THIS: #15:  "Springtime Around the Tower" 12x18" Ready to Frame

Saturday, March 14, 2015

"Bishop's Through the Decades", Plein Air Artworks, 6-10

#6:  "If Shadows Could Talk"  9x12"  Oil on Belgian Linen Canvas, Framed

#7: "Shades of Knowledge"  16x8"  Oil on Belgian Linen Canvas, Framed

#8: "Tower Aglow"  16x8" Nocturnal Oil on Belgian Linen Canvas, Framed
(Painted at night, on the corner of La Jolla Blvd & Prospect: final image to come...
YES, I wore a headlamp and it was a blast!)

#9: "Bentham Aglow"  8x16"  Oil on Belgian Linen Canvas, Framed

#10:  "Catwalk View"  16x12"    Oil on Belgian Linen Canvas, Framed
Looking down, painted from the catwalk rooftop of Gilman Hall

New Video by Kim Treffinger: About my life as an artist...

'Bishop's Through the Decades' PLEIN AIR ARTWORKS: #1-5

All of these artworks were painted on The Bishop's School campus
 from September, 2014- March, 2015.
They will be available for purchase at the 'Meet the Artist's' Reception and Exhibition,
March 24 6-8pm.  Inspired by the school's history, traditions and campus, this exhibition features plein air and studio paintings created by visual arts students and alumna,
Cherry Adams Sweig '74.
Join us for an engaging self guided tour of the art, conversation with the artists,  painting demonstrations and light refreshments.Select paintings will be available for purchase. Proceeds from the sales will be directed to the Otto A. Mower Chair for the Teaching of the Humanities.R.s.v.p. to  (858) 875-0505   or

#1) "Through the Pines"  8x10"  Oil on Belgian Linen Canvas, Framed

#2:  "Library Reflections",  9x12" Oil on Belgian Linen Canvas, Framed

#3:  "Archway to the Tower"  9x12"  Oil on Belgian Linen Canvas, Framed

#4:  "St Mary's Chapel"  9x12"  Oil on Belgian Linen Canvas , Framed

#5:  "Gilman Welcomes"   9x12"  Oil on Belgian Linen Canvas 

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Students and the Artist:
'Bishop's Through the Decades' was a two part project for me.  While I planned and painted twenty artworks over the last year, I also had the opportunity to demonstrate for over 60 Liberal Arts Students during the Fall 2014 semester.  It was a fantastic experience.  From the days I spent with the students, 20 chose to create the artworks for the event on March 24.

Visiting Artist  (as posted on The Bishop's School Alumni website)
    A La Jollan since 1969, Cherry is passionate about painting. A multitalented artist and instructor in oils and watercolors Cherry focuses on color and light patterns in the French impressionist technique of ‘En plein air’ as well as larger in-studio works. Her portfolio ranges from U.S. National Parks to international travel to the California coastline and The Bishop’s School campus. Notable exhibits include the Smithsonian Museum and The Alliance Francaise and her collectors are worldwide. Cherry credits her artistic achievements to the invaluable years at Bishop’s and her mentor and art history teacher Dr. Otto Mower, who instilled a love of art and a spirit of world travel. Cherry’s artworks are dedicated to Dr. Mower and the proceeds from the art sales will be donated to the Otto A. Mower Chair for the Teaching of the Humanities at Bishop’s.

Bishop's Through the Decades

  The idea to paint a series of artworks for  The Bishop's School came to mind years ago.  As an alumna of the school, I have been drawn back to campus many times since my graduation in 1974.  With its exceptional architecture by Irving Gil, there's a painting subject around every archway and countless memories to cherish. The revered history can be found if you look close even as the school changes to step into our contemporary times.

  To represent this, I created a challenge for myself:  20 artworks featuring a theme of  The Bishop’s School through its 106 years, since 1909.  10 to be painted on location,  “En Plein Air” and 10 to be studio paintings.  Original oils on canvas,  my artworks would celebrate the school’s architecture, tradition, student memories and local La Jolla sites conveying a visual dialog between then and now.
 Through this blog, I will post my artistic comments, explaining how I selected the viewpoint and the subject. I will also include a technique description unique to each one.


In November, Bishop's Visual Art Students were chosen to participate with me in this art exhibition by creating 2 works of art each: One painting will be in the technique of “En Plein Air” and one will be the student’s choice painted in studio, to follow the theme.

The artworks will be revealed at:

“Meet the Artists” Event  March 24  2015  6pm.   Ellen Browning Scripps Hall
Venue: The Bishop’s School, Alumni Boardroom
Meet the artists! 
 Exhibition will be an engaging  Self Guided Tour,  where the viewer will be lead by numbered art descriptions and poetry from 1923 Alumni.  Light refreshments will be served and a lucky winner will take this painting home... An original studio oil.  "Springtime Around the Tower" ...16 x 20"