Monday, March 2, 2015

Bishop's Through the Decades

  The idea to paint a series of artworks for  The Bishop's School came to mind years ago.  As an alumna of the school, I have been drawn back to campus many times since my graduation in 1974.  With its exceptional architecture by Irving Gil, there's a painting subject around every archway and countless memories to cherish. The revered history can be found if you look close even as the school changes to step into our contemporary times.

  To represent this, I created a challenge for myself:  20 artworks featuring a theme of  The Bishop’s School through its 106 years, since 1909.  10 to be painted on location,  “En Plein Air” and 10 to be studio paintings.  Original oils on canvas,  my artworks would celebrate the school’s architecture, tradition, student memories and local La Jolla sites conveying a visual dialog between then and now.
 Through this blog, I will post my artistic comments, explaining how I selected the viewpoint and the subject. I will also include a technique description unique to each one.


In November, Bishop's Visual Art Students were chosen to participate with me in this art exhibition by creating 2 works of art each: One painting will be in the technique of “En Plein Air” and one will be the student’s choice painted in studio, to follow the theme.

The artworks will be revealed at:

“Meet the Artists” Event  March 24  2015  6pm.   Ellen Browning Scripps Hall
Venue: The Bishop’s School, Alumni Boardroom
Meet the artists! 
 Exhibition will be an engaging  Self Guided Tour,  where the viewer will be lead by numbered art descriptions and poetry from 1923 Alumni.  Light refreshments will be served and a lucky winner will take this painting home... An original studio oil.  "Springtime Around the Tower" ...16 x 20"

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