Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Watercoloring Fountain of Venasque

Watercolor painting in Venasque, France....NO PARKING, but YES PAINTING!

Pencil sketches and preliminary washes...of watercolor paint, that is!

'Venasque is such a charming village!!!  To capture the 'life' of the village in my art,
 I chose to paint the centerpiece... this wonderful fountain.

One of my students, Judy, watches so intently as I explain the levels of washes and allowing time to dry int between applications....
...and of course, we have the usual challenges one faces as a plein air artist... how to paint around sudden changes to the view...
Its starting to come together... Susan joins in and we discuss our plans for lunch at the cafe nearby with the most AMAZING
Tarte Tarin!   Ann waits patiently at the fountain and Doris keeps on painting...

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