Sunday, September 5, 2010

My First Entry

Good morning!
   It's week six of my broken foot adventure. One thing I have learned from my sudden injury while traveling abroad is to sloooooow down.  It has forced me to look at life very differently and my artwork is taking on a whole new perspective. Now I can actually get around to all those things I have set aside in the ' Do Later' box...
    I have also learned some new tools like this BLOG!  My website will continue to be the complete portfolio of my artwork, but this blog will become an interactive tool that I can share new ideas and projects such as:

* Studio Collections:  This will be a showcase of current studio artworks for sale .
* Painting-A-Day: An entry of my small paintings that are created daily.
* New Travel Paintbooks Painted during my travels, these hand-painted books are the inspiration behind a new  series of  fifteen, with travel info, maps, and artworks.  I am also designing them to provide areas for journaling, souvenirs and photos.
* Travel Photo Journals:  Since 1984, I have been photographing, writing and recording my travels abroad. I'll be able to post these on this blog and share some amazing experiences of travels in Europe, Egypt, The Caribbean, Mexico, Peru and South Africa. My average amount of photos per trip is from 5-7,000 images- This will be an ideal way to share them!

    So, with all this in the works- it really doesn't matter that I have my right foot in a purple cast and I'm marooned in my art studio to heal. It's a very good thing!
     Thanks for viewing!